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Blood samples should be collected in a 7 ml lithium-heparin tubes and plasma obtained by centrifugation (1300 g for 10 min. at 4°C) within 10 minutes.
Minimum plasma sample volume required is 1 ml in double (two screw top tubes with 1 ml plasma for each drug).
Each tube must be identified with

  • Patients ID
  • Sampling date (Only if AUC point) Timing
    For Example: Rossi, 25/10/2006, T-0

    Store immediately plasma samples, without thermal inactivation, at –20°C until shipping.

    Please ensure that you complete the test request form as thoroughly as possible.

    Transport have to be in dry-ice avoiding plasma thawing.

    Samples have to be sent early in the week (Monday-Wednesday) so packages do not remain in the mail room over the weekend.

    Please sent packages to: c/a Mauro Sciandra e/o Antonio D’Avolio.
    Clinica Universitaria delle Malattie Infettive, Laboratorio di Farmacologia Clinica, Padiglione Q, Ospedale Amedeo di Savoia, C.so Svizzera 164 - 10149 TORINO(ITALY).

    Please, alert 1-2 days before shipping to: info@tdm-torino.org

    For stability and storage of each drug see the following file: Satability_Storage_Delivery 

    Drugs quantified in our laboratory: DRUGS LIST