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Anti-HIV Therapy: every patient is unique

Role of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) represents and example of practical application of  the activities of the pharmacology laboratory. It consists in measuring a drug plasmatic concentrations and, if needed, in the modification of that drug dosing according to its results… (continues [in Italian language])

Hospital “Amedeo di Savoia” is the only facility in Italy routinely dosing all commercially available antiretroviral drugs. This approach is useful for the single patient because his therapy is tailored according to his characteristics (see. Pharmacogenetics) and personal needs but it is also stimulating new researches to define new and better combinations within antiretroviral drugs.

The Laboratory, certified for EN UNI ISO 9001:2008, has been controlled, since 2003, by an external quality control service: it has always been certified of being able to dose all antiretroviral drugs. Furthermore in our laboratory it is also possible to dose a wide group of antibiotics with investigational purposes and/or for clinical studies (either personal or in collaboration with pharmaceutical brands).

From 2009 the Laboratory has antifungals TDM service.


The laboratory is able to quantify cannabinoids in the Galenic preparations (or masterly preparations, like oil) of Cannabis, in collaboration with CoQua Lab.

The laboratory is able to effectively analyze cannabinoids on industrial hemp (light cannabis) and its derivatives (also in food), in collaboration with CoQua Lab.


Drugs dosed in Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory of Torino

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Instructions for plasmatic samples collection and handling (Antivirals and Antibiotics)


Sampling-Handling Instructions for plasmatic samples



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Sample Identifying Form for Antivirals

Sample Identifying Form for Antibiotics



CoQua Lab (Academic Spin-Off of University of Turin)





Università degli Studi di Torino / ASL Città di Torino

Clinica delle Malattie Infettive (Direttore Prof. Giovanni Di Perri)

Laboratorio di Farmacologia Clinica e Farmacogenetica (Responsabile Prof. Antonio D’Avolio)

Padiglione Q, Ospedale “Amedeo di Savoia” C.so Svizzera 164, 10149 Torino;

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